Research and Development

Research organizations and is aimed at supporting the innovation activities (R & D) should create new business opportunities and transform the current organizational or business.

Research and Development (R&D) Aria Sepand Mehriz  To examine the obstacles facing the industry instrumentation  And trying Has been created for new products and knowledge-based Reliance on this important scientific experts and specialist  The unit and management commitment to quality products Aria Sepand  is achievable.

Research topics:

  • Control and monitoring systems for industry
  • Water harvesting systems in the water and wastewater industry
  • Sensors in the water industry and petrochemical industries.

Ongoing projects  R & D Aria Sepand :

  • Digital input and output cards with the ability to link design and manufacture cards with each other through a network port and etc.
  • Modification and optimization of high pressure data logger battery life from three years to nine years, add 3 input & nbsp; Analog data logger, using SD memory for sampling
  • Research projects on the GPRS network and improving coverage antenna devices and proper functioning in harsh conditions
  • Design and production of smart water harvesting systems for irrigation Mobile
  • Improve picker (RTU) With maximum connection and data transfer (top 95%)
  • Sensors improvement in terms of noise level meter and adding flexibility to the sensor outputs standard, modified and enhanced IP box box sensor and the use of anti-corrosion material.
  • Design and construction of smart meters according to the Energy Department's agricultural wells
  • Design and manufacture new models of temperature and pressure-resistant liquid level measurement

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Manufacturer of instrumentation systems, consulting and engineering design industrial control and automation products in various industries.

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