Consulting Engineering

Engineering consulting unit Arya Sepand always in the design and supply equipment required by customers on their side.

Aria Sepand personnel specialized in engineering consulting unit experts are full-time and part-time senior consultants. Part-time senior advisers, including several well-known experts at the national level are According to the type of expertise required to advise and control project reports and maps used.

Technical consulting and engineering company in the industrial instrumentation and monitoring  In order to measure and display the amount of physical quantities (such as temperature, pressure, flow, speed) and process control And industrial processes in factories, water and sewage companies, refineries, oil companies, petrochemical, pipelines, refineries and desalination is used.

And a central control and monitoring system to ensure safety process unit serves as the mastermind. The major instruments that are widely used in different projects are:

  • Sensors to measure
  • Collection systems and transfer the information
  • The local processor
  • Central processor

Specialized in the design and specification of control and instrumentation and control systems and instrumentation projects industry. The technical negotiations with manufacturers and monitor control systems and instrumentation of the tasks of the sector.

Consulting and engineering projects undertaken by unit:

  • Consulting and implementation of monitoring systems company won the Industry
  • Consulting and implementation of monitoring systems Abfar company in Yazd
  • Consulting and implementation of monitoring systems Abfar Yazd
  • Consulting and implementation of monitoring systems Abfar Hormozgan
  • Consulting and implementation of monitoring systems now Abfar Kerman

AriaSepand Engineering Company

Manufacturer of instrumentation systems, consulting and engineering design industrial control and automation products in various industries.

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