Sales support and Warranty

Research organizations and is aimed at supporting the innovation activities (R & D) should create new business opportunities and transform the current organizational or business.

Due to importance of customer satisfaction in all global markets, this unit in the world to meet the needs of all reputable companies and customers communicate and coordinate them there now. In fact, the unit acted as a customer representative to oversee all stages of the service delivery process.

All products have a warranty and support services are divine Aria conditions in the booklet accompanying warranty and service products and sites listed company.

From the first moment of creation potential problem, the Sponsor Support sales activities begins And to achieve complete customer satisfaction continues In case of any problems in the process of providing services, to act and to remove obstacles to accomplish this.

 The unit was required to follow up any complaints and criticism, if at any stage of relations between the customer and the company to make a dent, This section with respect to the legal rights of clients and has acted within the framework of their contracts And evaluation in this field allows all customers to high quality of service Aria Sepand experience.

Units also support, through network installation Gprs For continuous monitoring and controls in case of any potential problems necessary steps to troubleshoot done And, if necessary, to send a representative to this unit to the project site.


Contact Support and after-sales service :

  • Phone call or send a fax to Aria Sepand call center phone number: 03537257972
  • Send e-mail to Support the following address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Manufacturer of instrumentation systems, consulting and engineering design industrial control and automation products in various industries.

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