Smart card digital inputs and outputs

  • Application monitoring system
  • It has 16 digital input isolated
  • Rsu85 output with standard protocol


  • AriaSepand Success

    • Design and manufacture of sensors level meter
    • Design and construction of water harvesting management systems
    • Design and manufacture of intelligent control systems and remote meter reading
    • Design and programming software to gather and monitor information
  • AriaSepand values

    • Honesty
    • Customer orientation and availability
    • Profitability and create value added processes
    • Focusing on product quality and service
    • Knowledge and knowledge creation
    • Focus on efficiency and the use of skilled manpower and innovative
    • Discipline and institutional arrangements and move on strategy planning
  • Our vision in 1400

    • Arya Sepand development as one of the top three companies in the field of automation, Industrial control and instrumentation which focuses on quality products and services with regard to customer demands and the use of force expert، Provide superior service and products to customers varied.